Hidden/ Deactivated Entities

Hi all,

I am using the QNAP-QSW integration to monitor my QNAP switches. It is working fine so far. Out of the box I have the following entities:

  • Firmware version and dcheck
  • Fan speed
  • Temperature
  • Reboot switch
  • Uptime
  • Problem indicator

I can easily add these entities to my dashboard as a card. Great stuff!

But in the device view there are hidden (or deactivated) entities. In the device view I can see them and click on them. Then, HomeAssistant offers me to activate an entity. Once activated I can add them to my dashboard as a single card.

Now my issue is the amount of entities I have here. There are 117 per switch (having four switches here).

Select device, open hidden entities, select one, enable it, wait for activation, switch to dashboard, add card, select the now visible entity, save.

Repeat the last nearly 500 times.

Is there an easier way?


I’m not sure how that “integration/switches” work , but “normally” you should be able to select(mark) as many you like, and click “enable” ones! And they all should be enabled, within seconds


thanks for the hint. You were right. I just had to go through the “Entities” page instead of using the “device”.
Once enabled they were added easily to the dashboard with only a few clicks.

Thanks for that!


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