Hidden z-wave controller keeps reappearing

I have a problem with one of my Z-wave devices, a Hank scene controller (HKZW-SCH4).
I hide it using Customization by overriding the hidden attribute. That makes it go away.
But the next time HA is restarted, it’s back in the UI! Then I have to make it visible and hidden once more.
I have a lot of devices, including other controllers of the same kind. They behave well.
I have tried to remove and add it. That didn’t help.

Is the entity_id changing on every restart?

you say you “have to make it visible and hidden once more”. how are you doing that?

I’m doing that from the customize page, effectively (I think) editing customize.yaml.
There’s some development: I removed and added the Hank controller, and now it seems to work fine.
I have same problem with a qubino flush dimmer. That one is a bit more work to remove and add, but I’ll try it.
And no, the entity_id isn’t changing on restart.