Hide camera name (gray line)

is it possible? totally brakes things like Grafana


I’d like to know too as I have a similar issue with YR weather cards:

I’ve investigated this a while ago and found the part responsible for it but couldn’t remove it permanently, maybe cause I got Hassio manually installed, it’s located in ha-camera-card.js:



<div class="caption">
  <template is="dom-if" if="[[!imageLoaded]]">

In Chrome right click > inspect > select element > “div caption”, removing it hides grey bar but I don’t know where the file located to remove this lines forever

hmmm maybe with css?

ever find a solution to this?

nope, not possible yet

Hi All

I saw others doing the following:

In the configuration.yaml

- platform: generic
  name: "XXX Meteogram"
  still_image_url: https://www.yr.no/place/xxx/xxx/advanced_meteogram.svg
  content_type: 'image/svg+xml'    

And then this in lovelace config

entity: camera.rivonia_meteogram
show_name: false
show_state: false
type: picture-entity

Works great for me


I can confirm

show_name: false
show_state: false

on lovelace config does the trick :slight_smile: