Hide entities after 0.112

Hi Guys,

After 0.112 the hide option is deprecated, my default view is a bit messed up:

I know it is possible to disable entities, but not all entities allow that:


How can i hide this entities that i don’t want to be shown?

Top right corner, the three dot menu. Take control and you can make it look like you want :wink:

I know, but that is not wat i mean. I want to use the same functionallity as the hide: option…

If i use take control the default_view isn’t filled with new entities automaticly anymore…

Correct, but these are your choices.

But you can use the 3 dot button to view ‘unused entities’ which (if you have placed all your entities from the last time you used it) will show you any new ones.

You can create a second dashboard that is still autogen.

Essential we are bound to use Lovelace?

No, there’s a whole stack of third party UIs out there. Use what you want :wink: