Hide grey line and name of Camera

I use phantomjs to make screenshots of some webpages e.g. a written summary of the weather forecast or some other paragraphs of text and display them afterwards in HA with the “local_file” camera component. the problem is, that the name and the grey field are always in the way so i cannot read the full text of the “camera image” is there a way to hide the name and the grey field after all WITHOUT changing the code.

A nice feature would be something like: “display-name: false” in the config section of the component so it would look like:


I second this, I have a weather radar, plus I mean, i know what my living room looks like so I dont really want the name there anyway hahaha

I agree with you, but you should have posted this in the “feature request” section to catch votes and get the attention of developers.
I think you can move the thread without having to repost it.

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thank you. i am glad i m not the only one who likes to see that configuration feature

Might also be nice to re-position it to the top? top/bottom/off would be nice.

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Would be a nice little feature to have - any idea if it was considered?

not that i am aware of. but i still hope and wait for it.

Should the name be on or off by default?

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On would be fine. But with the option to turn it off or hide it ( the whole grey area).

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