Hide group or alternatives?

Hi All

I wanted to group action for the living room - Lights, remotes etc.
But control needs to be hidden since that calls everything including the remote scripts!

So I created a group for this:

    name: Stue
    control: hidden
      - group.all_lights_livingroom_group
      - switch.sonoff_s202
      - switch.sonoff_s203
      - script.tv_stuen_activity_on
      - script.tv_stuen_activity_off
      - script.musik_stuen_activity_on
      - script.musik_stuen_activity_off
      - script.stuen_off

So I created a lights switch for the livingroom “- group.all_lights_livingroom_group”:

    name: Alle Stuelamper
    view: no
      - switch.sonoff_s202
      - switch.sonoff_s203

But this creates a new group visible with the two switches above?
Is there a more elegant way to do this?

Creating a new switch that contains both switches?

Best regards

Yes you could do this in a couple of ways.

  1. Create an input boolean. Then create 2 automations that are triggered by the input boolean being turned on and off the actions are to turn the switches on and off


  1. Create a template switch

Both are in the docs