Hide LoveLace card on mobile device

Searched some time on the internet but not able to find any other case, so here my question;
Is it possible to hide, for example, the camera card for particular users of on particular devices?

Asking this because I have 3 camera streams on my Home tab and when opening the HA app, its instantly stream 400kbs of data over my 4G connection.

So I’m search for some solution to hide them on my mobile device. Is this possible or how solve others this, beside move the streams to another Tab ?

I think this could be possible with the state-switch.

Just installed the state-switch and card-tools.
Now I configured my devices to (not) show the camera feeds and thats working.
One device type isn’t showing any card, but the state-switch is always showing something.

So its, by no default, showing “DeviceID” and when I define a default its showing the default.
The default needs to be a card and when I configure the default to be a Divider, I get the error “Custom element doesn’t exist: hui-divider-card”

So the question is;
Why is the divider card not showing?
How to let the state-switch card to show nothing?

Hope i’m clear enough :slight_smile:

@Freemann Were you successful? I have the same use case but am worrying that the switch-card can not show nothing as default