Hide specfic device_tracker only from the overview screen

Hi All,

first let me start with saying that i am new to this platform

i configured my netgear to track some devices but i don’t want them to show in the overview screen
but i still want to be able to see it in the logbook and in the history so if one device will become away i wan’t see the change in the main screen but in the logbook it will show

i found that i can edit the customize.yaml and enter the hidden: true but when i do that the home assistant want track any new changes to the devices

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :smile:

Is recorder on, for that device?

From the doc…
The recorder component is storing details in a database which then are handled by the history component.

i am using the default in the configuration yaml file

purge_keep_days: 10

so if i understand correctly it should record everything ?(which is exactly what i want) ?

Yep sounds right :slight_smile:

well i found out in the Documents that if you set hidden: true
then it won’t show in the history and the logbook
and this is not what i want

what i want is just to hide it from the overview screen but still be able to see it in the history

do you know how to do that ?


Yep setup a default view then you have to specify what you can see in the frontend.

When you first use HA, it dumps everything on the front end. try to put in groups