Hide title bar / black bar at top


is there an easy way to hide title bar? all threads i have found are about custom header? but that doesnt exist anymore?

thnx in advance

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I’m now using card mod, but if i use this, i still sometimes see a black bar above, and then when i refresh page, the bar is gone… how can i fix this?

  card-mod-root: |
    app-header {
      display: none;
  card-mod-view: |
    #view {
      min-height: 100vh !important;

Look at the kiosk_mode functionality

e.g. (in top of dashboard raw config)

    - users:
        - tablet
      kiosk: true
      hide_header: true
      hide_sidebar: true
      hide_menu_button: true
      hide_overflow: true

This one?

Sorry for the late reaction, but yes that’s the one I use.

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Kiosk-mode is not maintain any more, what is the “new” way to hide the bar?

Having this same issue. Fully Kiosk only hides the sidebar, but the top bar is still visible no matter what I try.

Seems like this is an oversight in Home Assistant. So many of us have custom displays, we shouldn’t need to rely on a 3rd party integration like Fully Kiosk just to hide unwanted menus.

Ideas anyone?

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As some have suggested in other threads, this repo works really well:

I disabled the screensaver feature and now it plays perfectly with fully-kiosk.

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It still works with the latest release of HA though, what should be maintained about it?

I can confirm that it works and there is no additiona config needed.
Just append ?kiosk to the url

This option does not work anymore.
Recently my title bar came back.
Is there any new option to switch off the all the side and title bars?


Kiosk mode support has ended - Very frustrating as had just implemented this with fully kiosk to create a touch screen (I had the same issue… worked then poof disappeared!)

I agree - same here. With Fully Kiosk the title bar messes up the nice look. :cry:

Hi guys, have a look at: GitHub - thomasloven/hass-browser_mod: 🔹 A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity and media player
This also can hide header and/or sidebar and has some other neat features as well.