Hide topbar from subviews

Hi, I have installed WallPanel and it works very well with my wall mounted Samsung Tablet.
I have a little problem with the subviews of the main tablet dashboard, the top bar is not hided and is still visible when I come back to the main view.
How can I solve it?

Have you turned on the sub view toggle?


this one?

Yes, that one, I assume you want the dashboard in kiosk mode, there is a good video here to explain that. I created a user called DB (for the Dashboard) and applied kiosk mode to it, and it works well.

Thanks again but I don’t want to fix it in my WallPanel hacs plug-in : GitHub - j-a-n/lovelace-wallpanel: 🖼️ Wall panel mode and photo screensaver for your Home Assistant Dashboards

Is it possible?

I don’t think this is possible but raises the question, why are you using subviews if you don’t want to see the header? I assume your navigating back to the previous view in some other way.

Hi, thanks for your post.
You are right!. I tried yesterday with Kiosk for Android but I discovered other problems (for example web pages ‘https’ are not loaded and I use them for weather ).
I’ll try to remove sub-views and set up some buttons to navigate between views as you suggested