Hiding Automation Section of the Frontend


I am trying to hide some, if not all, of the automations in the Automation section of the frontend. Tried to add the automation.foo_bar and then hidden: true to the customization section but got an error when attempting to start HA. Is this possible?

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Yeah, this should be the way everyone setups Home Assistant. It’s too bad that when new users start using Home Assistant, they are stuck with the ugly interface with all the rows and rows of circles for all their sensors, etc.

Everyone should be overriding the default_view and only add the devices they want to be seen in the frontend instead of having EVERYTHING show up and spend all their time hiding all the items they don’t want to see.

I have no hidden items in my customize because everything is automatically hidden when you override the default_view, then you can customize it the way you want with your own views and groups and only see the things you want to see.

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I agree! I wonder if it would be better if a configuration, customize, group, script, and automation.yaml (typical organizational breakdown) were part of the install. Each file could have comments about how to use it, with examples of the format. This might make the “Getting Started” section on the website a little better.


I know this is an old thread but for anyone looking to hide automatons from the frontend simply add hide_entity: true to the automation.


  • action:
    • service: shell_command.shutdown_designpc
      hide_entity: true
      alias: designpc_shutdown
      id: ‘1518442391037’
      platform: state
      entity_id: input_select.pcoptions
      to: Shutdown
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Is it not possible to just have the automation as a iframe in the left window
That way you have a different section.

Thanks that’s the solution!