Hiding certain entities in Homekit

I have added Homekit integration and it now shows my Unifi cameras in Homekit but it has entities that I don’t want such as ‘speaker’ for a camera - how can I avoid those being seen by Homekit?

Go back to the integrations page and click the CONFIGURE button for the HomeKit integration. In that dialog there are options to exclude or include and a list of domains.

After you indicate whether you want to include or exclude click submit. You’ll get a full list of all entities. In include mode, the check ones are the only ones that will show up in HomeKit. In exclude mode everything except the checked ones will show up in HomeKit.

(I do include mode, so what you see in the list are things I want to see in HomeKit)

You can also turn off entire domains at the bottom of that first screen, although I’m not sure what domain would turn off just the speaker of a camera.

Yes, I still want the camera domain but I don’t want their speakers (which you can only turn on and off anyway, so I don’t get the use case).