Hiding entities from recorders

By default HA records everything. That is a lot of data. I am looking for a way to handle this.

Obvious way is to set filters on recorder but is bit cumbersome.

I tried disabling entities that I do not need logged. It works but then those entities are not available in HA at all.

When I set entity status to hidden, it as explains hides entity from UI, but it still exists and can be used. Well it does not hide it from recorders.

So, my suggestion is to make recorder ignore hidden entities. That would provide quite obvious, logical and practical way to handle entities logging - when you are setting entity, you can set how it is logged at the same place.

After all, if user sets entity to be hidden, it is reasonably to expect it to be hidden, until user manually does something with it, even for recorder.

Hiding things only removes them from auto-generated dashboards. They can still be used in custom dashboards and everywhere else. I don’t find it logical to assume that an entity I may use in different ways would be excluded from recorder just because I don’t need it on an auto-generated dashboard.

I agree and my suggestion would not be to remove them from recorder just because they are hidden BUT to have an additional check box for recorder option maybe!

Our views differ. My opinion is that if I set some entity as hidden I exactly mean HA should not handle it until I decide and handle it myself. that includes recording. Why would HA record something that I do not actively use? That is just waste of resources.

I have a number of hidden entities that I do actively use. They may be trigger for automations, or displayed on non auto-generated dashboards. I have nothing against someone requesting a way to remove items from recorder but automatically removing hidden items isn’t as logical as you think. Other people use the system in different ways to you.