Hiding Input Text

Is there any good way to hide an input_text box as part of it’s declaration, as opposed to having to hide it as a customization? Basically I’d like to use a bunch of input_text boxes as an array, but I only want to display one at a time (based on an input_select). I think I can do what I want, but it’s a bit scattered in the configuration which is not ideal when trying to cleanly document what’s happening.

Nope, all visualization is done through customization. Otherwise, it would be specified in the documentation for the component.

You could use packages:

Can you actually include customizations within a package? The documentation doesn’t indicate that’s possible, though a package does work for keeping everything else contained.

I found some inconsistencies in the way input_* entities work, for instance I can declare an icon on an input_select, but not on input_text, but I can customize an icon for input_text in customize.yaml. Just reading the documentation I’m unclear if it’s an oversight, a bug, or a feature, but it might be nice to provide a more uniform set of configuration settings for input_* entities (including the ability to hide!).