Hiding items in the "History" window

Is there a way to selectively hide entities in the “History” window???

You can include/exclude specific entities or domains.

Thanks, But, why would I want to use “Exclude” over “Include” or vice versa???

Tells you right in the link. Depends on the number of items you have in home assistant and how many you are looking to show on the history page. Mostly personal preference.

Define domains and entities to exclude (aka. blacklist). This is convenient when you are basically happy with the information displayed, but just want to remove some entities or domains. Usually these are entities/domains which do not change (like weblink) or rarely change (updater or automation).

Define domains and entities to display by using the include configuration (aka. whitelist). If you have a lot of entities in your system and your exclude lists possibly get very large, it might be better just to define the entities or domains to display.

Use the include list to define the domains/entities to display, and exclude some of them with in the exclude list. This makes sense if you for instance include the sensor domain, but want to exclude some specific sensors. Instead of adding every sensor entity to the include entities list just include the sensor domain and exclude the sensor entities you are not interested in.