Hiding tabs/views in 2023?

It’s finally happened…

the only thing I use the old Custom Header card for was to conditionally hide views in the dashboard. And with last months update it finally quit working.

Does anyone who still uses this have a way to make it work again?

Or even better is there a “modern” way yet to conditionally hide views?

I know it’s been a FR for a long time and TBH I’m not sure why it hasn’t been implemented yet since the functionality worked so well for so long in CH so it should be fairly easy for a real dev to accomplish.

Thoughts or suggestions?

this might not be what you are looking for, but I have made my own shortcut bar and use state-switch:

      - type: custom:state-switch
        entity: group
            type: custom:button-card
            template: button_shortcut_menu
              path: develop
            tooltip: >
              [[[ return variables.view === variables.path
                  ? 'Force' : 'Develop'; ]]]
            icon: >
              [[[ return variables.view === variables.path
                  ? 'mdi:cog-refresh' : 'mdi:remote-desktop'; ]]]
              action: navigate
              navigation_path: >
                [[[ return variables.view === variables.path
                    ? '/ui-sub-views/schakelaars' : '/ui-develop/develop'; ]]]
                - color: >
                    [[[ return variables.view === variables.path
                            ? states['sensor.developer_icon_color'].state
                        : 'var(--icon-color-off)'; ]]]

            type: custom:button-card
            template: button_shortcut_menu
              path: help
            tooltip: Help
            icon: mdi:help
              action: navigate
              navigation_path: /ui-overzicht/help

and next hide the regular menu bar using card-mod-theme

and as I am sure you are aware we can show/hide based on user-id/admin…?

this is one of those shrug items for me… has been requested since for ever, seems so very obvious to provide for a mature UX, and has gotten 0 attention by the dev team…

Thank you for the reply.

Could you elaborate a bit on what the above code actually does? Maybe a pic of the result?

and maybe give an example of using card mod to hide the regular menu bar? I don’t use card mod (it’s downloaded and installed but I’ve never actually used it for anything yet).

yup but not what I’m looking for.

basically for example I need to hide my octoprint view unless I’m actually printing something.

it clutters up the dashboard way less by hiding the uneccessary views.


this is the spot for a single button in my horizontal-stack of buttons. It shows a button based on the condition evaluated by state-switch. Could also have been type:conditional, but at the time I used state-switch because it has the user/group functionality built in.

have to find a pic of my shortcut bar somewhere… let me have a look.

for hiding the regular bar you just have to check the card-mod-theme wiki, and the dedicated thread

believe it used to be as simple as:

  card-mod-root-yaml: |
    .: |
      app-toolbar {
        display: none;
    paper-tabs$: |
      .not-visible {
        display: none;

not using that myself, so could be changed.

Ofc, hiding the menu bar with the new Kiosk-mode is even easier.

quick glance of my shortcut bar: Lovelace: Button card - #4260 by Mariusthvdb or for some fun stuff we can do see Custom Header - #923 by Mariusthvdb

I’ve quickly re-instated it for you;

No header (using kiosk-mode)

a quick bar for my dashboards

a custom shortcut bar for my views. They change ofc depending on the actual dashboard they are currently on, and can point to any view you think relevant, depending on any condition …

or only the menu bar:

Ok, just to be sure I understand, so you completely hide the real menu bar (header) at the top by using card-mod-theme and then put your horizontal-stack card of button cards across the top in it’s place on every view?

and then use the buttons in the card to navigate to the different views?

if that’s correct then how do you handle accessing the side menu (dev tools, history, settings, etc) and the dashboard “refresh” menu? I assume those links go away too when you hide the normal header?

yes, or use kiosk mode

correct, its as simple as:

title: Welkom
icon: mdi:home
path: welkom

type: custom:vertical-layout
#  max_cols: 2


#   - !include /config/dashboard/includes/include_path_switch.yaml

  - !include /config/dashboard/buttons/buttons_dashboard_direct.yaml

#   - !include /config/dashboard/buttons/buttons_shortcut_menu.yaml    # <----- this is the one I re-instated just now

that remains fully functional, side menu isnt touched at all

that is correct yes, and could be an issue, if you want to constantly use that. Guess the would only be the case when actually changing the frontend, and only for the admin, not all of the other users…

so, temporarily changing that could be a way of solving that. remember its a mere toggle in Kiosk-mode:

tbh, I dont use that shortcut bar anymore, and have re-arranged my dashboards in a way I only have to show certain dashboards to certain users (admins). I had no other requirements for showing/hiding views, so for me that was an ok-ish solution for this lack of configurability in HA Dashboard options

(ps. note we have a Browser-mod issue which prevents changing the header title (I have it named differently normally, but 2023.4 broke that)

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Thank you for the suggestions.

I’ll definitely have to re-think how I manage my dashboards now that CH finally died.

I guess some of those intermittent views could be changed to conditional cards but that will just cause the main view to be way more cluttered and harder to maintain it’s desired layout.


It sure would be easier if they would implement conditional views and be done with it…

guess we need to make some noise here: Feature Request: Conditional Views - #6 by JelleKoster and bump it :wink:

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I’ve already voted there. Unfortunately it’s languished just like every other request for this feature.

But the last post there has given me an idea for another workaround so at least I have options.

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o and dont forget this discussion, which is the modern FR spot for the Frontend: Feature Request: Conditional View · home-assistant/frontend · Discussion #9509 · GitHub

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Has there been any progress on this yet???

not at all…