Hiding things in a iframe card

Hi, it is posible to hide things in a iframe card? i would like to hide all the things over the image of this webcam.


i tried with card mod but nothing works inside the iframe. Maybe is not posible?

Thanks in advance

An iframe is just, well, an http iframe, i.e. embedding a web page as-is.
So, no.

You might analyze the source of that web page and find out if you could find the url of the webcam only, though.

ok thanks, that’s what I thought

you may TRY hiding some elements by card-mod - if these elements have same place/names in DOM.

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i thought the same, but never tried , It’s basically a website build on .js , and a Div-structure
The “Cam” is not a stream, but a .jpeg, updated “regularly” , and then there is 3 DIV’s (on top, “beneath in the DOM” , for the Barcelona/time-temp and the ICON’s
The ones above is “header”

Just tried with

type: iframe
url: https://www.home-assistant.io
aspect_ratio: 50%
  style: |
    iframe #document head {color: red;}

and failed. Probably cannot inject styles into “#document”.

with “header” above i mend it’s another “DIV”

Ahh now i get what you mean :slight_smile:

Probably; my test is an abstract test with some abstract webpage, and I failed; may be with another page it is possible to access a particular element.

Yes, ok, i’ve never tried anything in a " Webpage Card " , but now i see the "
#document "

And You have more experience than me :wink: , so i “stick” to my initial thought " I don’t need to (at the moment ) so why bother , and spend hours trying to find a way. :smiling_face:

I was also thinking of another “approach”, putting the webpage-card (fixed height/width) inside another Card with “Forced” smaller, so the top-bottom “vanish in the dark” ( Margins ) :laughing:

Man! This is a cool idea.
Assume we have a picture-elements card.
You place an iframe with smth - and then overflow it with other card/image.

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Yeah, im playing with picture-element now, but then i also tried with a custom:button-card(there should be ways with that also.) ( I actually have a picture-element-card, with 3 custom:buttons & a picture ) (not background pic )

hmmmm, it’s actually possible to change color of the lowest “Div” in FF-inspector