Hiding unknown entities in Lovelace?

How and what is the easiest way to hide when an entity when it is a unknown state? I’m using the Environment Canada costume component.

I think a conditional card would work.

Having a hard time with that. As soon as one of the entities is “unknown” then all entities are not displayed. I must be doing something wrong.

Please share the config you have that does that.

Tried this:

type: conditional
  - entity: sensor.wind_speed
    state_not: unknown
  - entity: sensor.wind_chill
    state_not: unknown
  type: entities
    - sensor.wind_speed
    - sensor.wind_chill

But I found the monster card works for me now.

I am using this solution for hiding unknown entities.

type: custom:auto-entities
show_empty: false
card_param: entity
unique: true
  template: |-
    {% if states['vacuum.robot_vacuum'] != None %}
    {% endif %}
  type: entity
  entity: vacuum.robot_vacuum