Hierarchical house visualisation


I am looking for a way to generate a hierarchical visualisation of my house. Both by actual physical space and by purpose.

To give a bit of a background - I have a three storey house with a garage and almost every room has a few devices in it that either provide data or sensor readings. These are not entities you use every day but it is useful to navigate to the current room and see what’s in there, both for regular use and troubleshooting.

With Openhab, this was stupidly easy - every entity belongs to a group that combines all functions of a device, that group belongs to a group that represents the room, the room group belongs to a floor etc. That device group also belongs to the functional group, say smoke detectors.
In my UI, I just expose the top level groups (floors) and functional parents (smoke sensors) and I get automatically generated, browseable hierarchy of my setup.

I have been reading on areas, which are a no-go as they do not allow nesting and grouping seems to be more about control.

How can I achieve the above with HA?