High accuracy mode doesn't stop after BT disconnect

In the companion app I have enabled the Background Location sensor to be sent to HA. I’ve also enabled the High Accuracy mode ONLY when the phone is connected to bluetooth…And I’ve selected my car’s BT, a loud-speaker and headphones as the triggers for the high accuracy mode.

So when the phone is connected to any of these, it will send (and does send) the high accuracy GPS location to HA. When the phone disconnects from BT, the high accuracy mode should automatically deactivate.

  • If the BT connection is with the speaker or headphone, after the disconnect, the high accuracy mode deactivates.
  • If the BT connection is with the car, after BT disconnect (phone shows BT as disconnected), the high accuracy mode does not deactivate.
    • Toggling BT off and on does has no impact and does not deactivate the high accuracy mode.
    • Weirdly if I toggle Airplane Mode On and then Off, the high accuracy will deactivate.

I’ve tried on the Beta and normal version of the HA app 2023.3.0-full on android 13.
Anyone else experience something like this.

Sounds similar to High accuracy mode no longer disables when leaving zone · Issue #3445 · home-assistant/android · GitHub

Thank you. I will post my scenario in the github issue.