High Accuracy Mode ui

Companion App >> Sensors >> Location Sensors shows four items. Three of them indicate whether the item is Enabled or Disabled.

The item labeled High Accuracy Mode sometimes shows a state (true or false). However, when you click on it, you are able to Enable or Disable the reporting of High Accuracy Mode.

It would make more sense to me if that item were labeled “Report High Accuracy Mode” and then it showed Enabled or Disabled.

In addition, to enable High Accuracy Mode, you must enable Background Location. If you then Disable Background Location, the option to Enable/Disable High Accuracy Mode disappears, however, the High Accuracy Mode sensor still reads true.

It seems like the UI gods might frown upon a setting that is currently hidden, yet still active.

Unless I have it all wrong, in which case I eagerly await being told to read the manual.

Cheers, Richard

All it is is a sensor that reads the value from the setting of background location. If you disable background location then you can expect all data to stop and yes the sensor would appear stuck since you told the sensor to stop reporting data which includes the setting you enabled. It’s basically an enhancement to background reporting and some users like it to report. Now the real question. If you want location tracking why are you turning it off lol. Just playing around with things?

Just trying to make it more understandable. Imagine a new user goes into Background Location and turns it on, then turns on High Accuracy Mode. Then back to Location Sensors, there is another setting that says High Accuracy Mode but it’s off. What?

When you go into that it says:
Whether high accuracy mode is active on the device.

For people who take language literally, that could be read two ways:
DETERMINES Whether high accuracy mode is active on the device
REPORTS Whether high accuracy mode is active on the device

Why make people wonder.