High accuracy zone

Have set up a zone around my home to turn on the lights etc. when I get home. This works but not 100% I was going to try high accuracy but after reading the documentation became a little unsure of how it works.

If I drive into the zone that starts high accuracy then it starts and closes when I get into the real zone so far I’m in. Should I be connected to Bluetooth in the car, drive into the high accuracy zone and continue away from it, high accuracy is turned off.

But if I drive into high fidelity but continue without being connected to bluetooth does high fidelity continue to be active? I sometimes drive a car, sometimes a motorcycle, and in other cars, namely.

In order to make this work, I need to set a zone that will go out on a road that you sometimes drive on even if you are not going home, so I think about how to solve it most smoothly.