High amperage (+/- 1250A) metering with clamps?

One of my customers likes the view on his energy consumption which I built with Home Assistant.
However now they like to expand the setup and I need to find (preferably) supported energy measuring devices for their main connections which go up to 1250A per phase.

Anybody who knows a easy solution for this?

My current option is to install Socomec Diris A40 devices. I can already read them out in a basic way (script which pulls the data and uses the API to store it in HA). But that is a costly setup.


My question is what size wires are you using? A 2000 Kcmil wire is only rated to 470 amps at 60C and 630 amps at 90C. Is this 1250 amps across all 3 phases? Something seems amiss.

Their grid connection is 900kVA. Location is Belgium so they have 400V between the phases which is +/- 1300A max per phase.
The cables are big :smiley: Very big!

Found this in the meantime: Energy monitor D103 CT 2000A | smart-MAIC Shop
It supports MQTT, so a good candidate.