High cpu usage and slow response since HA 2022.7

Hi all,

since 2022.7 i am registering very slow response on all zigbee operations like turn on lights, motion detectors etc. and cpu usage of deCONZ Integration is very high.

Any similar observations in the cloud yet?

I am using Syology NAS VMM with Conbee II, HA 2022.7.6 and deCONZ Version Current version: 6.15.0 with firmware 26720700 Version 2.17.01 / 1.7.2022.

The cpu loads of core, supervisor are normal, the synology host cpu usage is higher as normal.

Any suggestions?


Same experience here. It took a while to figure out what was causing the issue but I removed the deConz dongle on my Raspberry Pi and rebooted the issues went away.

No idea what the solution is though

I ended up removing the Conbee add on and replacing with ZHA. ZHA works so much better (for me at least) and CPU usage is back to normal.


Removing my Connbee II and replacing with ZHA.
All works much better now.
ZHA is a much better integration with better device support.