High data usage

Since I started using the app, I’ve noticed my battery usage is much higher, although I can’t really notice that in the battery stats. What I could notice is that the data usage is high.

Version = 1.1.2

This is the screenshot when I go to settings > wifi > data usage. Home Assistant is the top app there.

Totaal: total
Voorgrond: foreground
Achtergrond: background

Anyone else noticing this? I haven’t captured my network traffic yet, so I don’t know any details. Just checking if this is a known issue before I dive into this.

Over 2 days, I’ve seen about 13 MB of data used

Yeah i noticed that it used just under a gig of mobile data in the first week I had it installed. I definitely didn’t use it that much and that was version 1.0 with no location tracking.
As for battery… didn’t look. My phone is old and battery life stinks anyway. I charge a lot.

Depending on how I lookup the usage in Android (10). I get different results. When I go trough Settings > Apps > Home Assistant > Mobile data and wifi, I get other results.

Maybe there is a background service that isn’t included in the app totals? I have no idea.

I had similar issue and had to switch off background data for home assistant app. Which disabled device tracking in background as well.

Mobile app trashed my mobile data monthly package of 10gb in just couple of days.

I have several cameras and use picture entity live mode to display them.

I believe mobile app continue to update camera pictures in background.

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I noticed the same, after my povied sent me a text message telling me I have almost used my complete dataplan for this month. In 18 days the app has used more than 1,5 GB of data. I think that is is very high, giving the fact I hardly use the app when not connected to a WiFi network.

I suspect that the camera stream(s) are the issue here, just what @Alt said before me. I hope this can be fixed anytime soon!

We’re tracking this issue here. We assume it’s because the frontend isn’t being shutdown when the app goes into the background and you left a camera streaming.


This just happened to me. used up 2.73 GB in 2 days.

I also have live cameras on my frontend, first page… but even if it wasn’t on the first page, i would still be going to whichever page they are on.

in user settings i have the option “Automatically Close Connection” enabled.