High-power Bluetooth LE Modules List

Hi everyone. I found some Wireless modules with high transmit power, supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, Matter, and Thread protocols.

Most of BLE modules have a maximum TX power of 4 dBm or 8 dBm, but a few exceed this. For example, RF-star’s CC2652P, CC2652P7 series modules can output +20 dBm, while EFR32BG24/MG24 modules can output +19.5 dBm.

RF-BM-2652P2 and RF-BM-2652P2I wireless modules are based on the Texas Instruments (TI) CC2652P SoCs with a built-in PA and maximum transmit power of +20 dBm.

New firmware version of Bluetooth UART transparent transmission has been released. Rich AT commands can quickly shorten the product development lifetime, like:

  • 22 adjustment levels of transmission power: -20 dBm ~ +20 dBm
  • Supporting one-master and multi-slave connections, up to 8 devices can be connected at the same time
  • Customizing extended broadcast packets up to 251 bytes
  • Supporting a maximum stable UART forwarding rate of 35 KB/s
  • Observer mode with filterable parameters
  • Supporting Bluetooth pairing and bonding
  • Automatic reconnection
    Advanced CC2652P7-based BLE modules (RF-BM-2652P4 and RF-BM-2652P4I) also offer +20 dBm transmit output power.

Silicon Labs EFR32BG24/MG24 Modules
RF-BM-BG24B1 and RF-BM-BG24B2 modules support BLE5.4, Bluetooth mesh, and proprietary protocols, while RF-BM-MG24B1 and RF-BM-MG24B2 modules also support Matter, Zigbee, OpenThread, and more.

Do you know other High-power Bluetooth LE modules? Leave your comments!