High RAM consumption

Hi guys,

Recently I updated to core-2021.6.5 and then one week later I noticed that my Home Assistant is frozen and not responding, so I power reset it. One week later the same thing happened again, when I power reset it again I noticed that my hardware was extremely hot (running NUC PC with i5 and 8Gb of RAM and SSD 128Gb) I could touch it, but usually the case is quite cool.

I have some sensors setup to monitor CPU, RAM and Disk Space usage, so I noticed that at some point free RAM started dropping significantly and looks like when it dropped to 0 it froze - not sure yet if it was caused by overheating or high RAM utilization.

I there a way to see what is consuming so much RAM?
For now I setup an automation to notify me if it starts dropping again.


This may be helpful: Profiler - Home Assistant. Another user-friendly option is Glances.

I’s happening again today, I see that Core RAM Usage is growing. Consuming 3.5Gb of RAM at the moment.

Will try updating Core to the latest version.

Not sure what database you are using for your recorder function, however I am seeing some memory leak issues with the recorder purge function with Postgresql as my database. It appears to have started in the 2021.5.x versions and continues today at 2021.6.6. The issue I see is that linux swap memory grows and grows, a some point system performance starts to slow an at minimum a restart of HA is required.