High temperature after installation of OS8

Hi folks,

after the installation of OS8 on my PI4 the CPU temperature is about 5°C higher than before.
It’s not critical yet, but it’s a significant change.
Can anyone verify this observation?

…or do I have a defect?

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Yes. Same here. The load has also increased.

This increase lines up perfectly with the last boot where the switch to 8.0 happened.

The load & temperature increase is still there after updating to 8.1.

I had Glances installed, but didn’t use it as the systemmonitor integration was enough for me. So I decided to uninstall it and now the load seems to have dropped back to where it was before.

So this might be an issue with 8.x / Glances maybe? Or just a coincidence.

I had Glances installed long before the 8.x update so Glances alone was not the cause of the increase. It was clearly the 8.x update that did it.

Here’s a detail of the processor load before and after uninstalling Glances: