Highlight point of issue in the automation

I really like the direction things are going, it’s becoming way more fluent and intuitive to do things with automations.
I’ve been doing some changes lately and replaced a few devices with new ones.
As a result, some automations became unavailable and it’s not always easy to locate the issue and i wish there was some way to make it easier.

Had a few ideas on how it could be dealt with to make it nicer, the first will be simpler i guess but the second will probably be preferable by most.

  1. Highlight the problematic section in a different color.
  2. Popup or new section(that is only visible when there’s an issue) for dealing with the missing devices - a line for each device and an option to pick a new one to replace it.

Don’t forget to vote for your own FR… :grin:

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Thanks! Was doing so many things it slipped my mind lol

Take a look at the spook custom integration, it identified these sorts of errors.

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And Watchman, which does the yaml bits.

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