HIK Access Controller - DS-K1T802

First i wants to thanks to all the people who is sharing its knowledge. I have fount a lot of infos regarding HIK here.
Second, i’m not a programmer, but i know the VERY BASICS of programming: i am trying to do all by myself.

I’ve written a python script who handle incoming calls from my KD8003 doorphone station with a while cycle who check for “idle, ring or in-call status” (via ISAPI)
I’ve successful engaged a communication with my access controller DS-K2604T, with
ISAPI/Event/notification/alertStream, building a list of events codes/Events description.

The request:
I have 4 separate door access controllers, the DS-K1T802. It seems does not support ISAPI. I am unable to get infos from the device (but with iVMS 4200 it communicate over TCP/IP, who is encrypted reading the product specs).

I’ve tried to configure it with “Surveillance center IP”, starting a simple webserver on my raspi with the command: nc -kdl localhost 8000
I receive some infos, but they’re encrypted (i read only the device model, then there are random characters/strings).

Since there are been a lot of researches here based on HIK devices, i wish to shutdown the iVMS server (on a windows pc), and host it (handmade) on a raspberry (with future implementation of homeassistant).
My goal will be to receive events, and set User-access-permissions without using iVMS4200.
I can do it (but not implemented yet) on the DS-K2604T and KD8003 (who opens common doors like gates or main doors), where i can receive and translate also ALL events.
I cannot with the four door access controllers DS-K1T802.

Has someone some hint?

All i need is to have access to those commands (who works with the SDK demo):


But i don’t know where to start with python…

Hi @SkizZO, have you managed to get anything useful out of the K1T802 terminal into homeassistant?

I want to set up a combo of KV6113 and K1T802 to have a keypad, but I’m not sure that it’s possible…