Hik-Connect integration

That’s we want a local option, we don’t have to use Hikconnect all, all can be done with local commands, like mine example to open a door

But for now, for people with an Hikvision intercom , hikconect is the only way to answer a doorbell… Or another possibility is to setup a PBX Sip system, but quite an overkill for a doorbell

I am lost, which is the correct curl?


Not dangerous at all :slight_smile: , it’s all local…

But maybe your doorsystem doesn’t support isapi…
Have you checked if port 80 is open?

Guys, i changed thread here , with first reply, maybe we can discuss on that thread, then its all combined

first post is all about working commands, any feedback is appreciated, so i can update it

I already have how to set the call button in freepbx, kv8113-m.

yes, i tested freepbx too; i worked
but the disadvantage, on the inside intercoms/sip clients, there was no early video, so you dont see who is calling, untill you actually pickup

Hello, how to set the call button? Do you have a screenshot of the web interface? I want to refer to it.

i did enter my pbx like this :

then define the number you want to call on the keypad

for me on KV8102-IM also this command to open door not working.
curl: (7) Failed to connect to 192.168.xx.xx port 80: Connection refused

Any update for HikConnect integration? :grin:

Look here:

I can confirm this works on DS-KD8003-IME1

Any possibility to interact with the indoor stations instead of the outdoor? Outdoor is fine for villas but for appartments the indoor is mandatory i think.

Hi everyone, I created a Hik-Connect integration. Details, discussions, questions, bugs, etc. – please in the integration thread. Hope it helps someone!

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