Hik-Connect integration

it will be nice to have Hik-Connect integrated
I have Hikvision door station and indoor panel unit, both of them connected to hik-connect
is that possible?

+1 this will be a good news…

+1. It will be great too

+1, it will be awesome. I Also have a door station that i would like to integrate in HA.

+1. I confirm, it would be awesome! Especially to control Hikvision alarm Ax Hub / Ax Pro / Ax Hybrid.

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+1. I confirm, it would be awesome!

I have it too, want an integration too…

Allthough i already have the command to open the door… It’s an isapi call

Here is the command to open a relay/door

curl -i --digest -u admin:xxx -X PUT -d '<RemoteControlDoor><cmd>open</cmd></RemoteControlDoor>' http://192.168.0.xx/ISAPI/AccessControl/RemoteControl/door/1


Also is some is able to test this command? If it works we can get a doorpress event:

this works with Hikvision door ?

Yes ,i am using it to control my ds-kd8003 , but other doorbells seem to work too, confirmed today by another community user

receive this (I put my passwrod),maybe other port, which?

io18:~$ curl -i --digest -u admin:xxxxx -X PUT -d '<RemoteControlDoor><cmd>open</cmd></RemoteControlDoor>'
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused
[email protected]:~$

No, isapi should be on http port… What doorbell do you have? Maybe you turned off http service?

audio18:~$ http://admin:[email protected]/ISAPI/VideoIntercom/callStatus?format=json
-bash: http://admin:[email protected]/ISAPI/VideoIntercom/callStatus?format=json: No such file or directory
[email protected]:~$

Someone else confirmed that the command also worked on : DS-KV8113-WME1

DS-KV8202-IM Villa door station EDIT CHANGED 8202

not sure if/how to change http availability

Can you check if http port is open? Maybe the command is different on yours… You need to check specifications if your doorbell supports isapi

@Klagio i edited my post with the command to open door, seems something went wrong with copy paste… You also need to send that XML too

Another person confirmed door open command…

I have Hik cameras, but block them from access to the Internet, and I dont use Hik-connect. If you are concious about security in any way, then you may want to do a little research on Hikvision before connecting an instance of Home Assistant to the Hik cloud.