Hikvision AX Pro controller for Node-Red

Hi guys. This is my new AX Pro node, part of the Hikvision-Ultimate nodeset.
I developed it with my Ax Pro Hybrid running on a native Node-Red and it works flawlessy, but i need someone to test it with Node-Red running behind Homeassistant as well.
You can find it here: node-red-contrib-hikvision-ultimate (node) - Node-RED
Than you in advance to all of you so gentle, to give it a try and a feedback to me.

I installed node-red addon in my HA end I imported the flow, but when I click on “Deploy”, I receive this error:

Have you installed the latest version of hikvision ultimate node?

I have installed the node and now all running correctly.

I created a pir sensor by reading the state from the payload message
When the PIR sensor is triggered, the status changes to “triggered”.
How do I convert this value to a boolean true/false?


Hi Supergiovane, thank you for your great work!!! I have tried your AX Pro node and it was easy to communicate with the alarm panel… Nice!!
Is it possible to control AX Pro relays using this node??

Hi Raffaele
Must check… the main page on github doesn’t tell anything? I cannot remember.

Hi Supergiovane, thank you for your great work!

I have Hikvision DS-2XM6825G0/C-IVS. How can I get People Counting Data and parse via Node-RED?

maybe the response comes too late, but you could try using the RAW camera node. Sorry, i don’t check this community so often.