HikVision Binary Sensor with Thermal Camera

I have a HikVision thermal camera which I use to monitor my backyard for bushfires.

I get a notification on my HikVision app when it detects a temperature >100degC. It works well, but I want a better notification option.

I have the camera behind a HikVision NVR.

Is there a thermal sensor for the HikVision platform?
How would I access sensors behind the NVR?

IF you have the notify survilleance centre option ticked within the alarm properties then you can add these to the hik binary config within HA. I believe most users struggle to get this working as the password on the Hikvision kit needs to be less than 8 characters for the binary sensor within HA to receive the signals. I would advise setting up an additional username within the NVR just for HA and give that a try.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I can see the nvr binary sensors in the devices in HA, and I have all the remote centre notifications ticked, but just can’t see any of the individual camera ones, just the Nvr ones.

I have it turned on in the notify surveillance centre. Do I need to do anything to let it know the IP address of Home Assistant (in the HikVision config)? How do I add it to the HA config? I have entered the ip address, the username and password, but I don’t see any sensor in the list relating to thermal trigger? Is it called something else?? I have like 8 alarm outputs I don’t recognise.

So, I have used the HikVision Next HACS addon, and I’ve imported the NVR with its attached cameras. I can see sensors like motion detection, line crossing etc, but there isn’t anything for fire detection from the thermal camera (just motion detection). I can also see 8 alarm outputs in entities for the NVR. When you click on one, they appear as a switch.

Currently, it’s setup such that if it detects a source >120degC it sends notification to the response centre and linkage to A1 output. I get a notification (critical alert) from the HikVision app, but can’t see any response in home assistant. Does anyone have any ideas?