Hikvision cameras - remote preview


This is my first post, so I wanted to say hello.

I have Hikvision cameras connected to NVR in a remote location.

Is there any way to inject their live capture to my local Home Assistant (Home Assistant OS on RPi 4) setup? If yes, is it possile to make it working without VPN?


Hello and welcome.

The short answer is yea you can, you will need to open a port on your remote router, but you should be able to restrict that port to the ip of your home assistant instance.

EDIT: That’s assuming you have a fixed ip

Thank you for the answer.

On the camera side I have dynamic IP, but on the Home Assistant server I’ve got a static one.

But - I think that - I should be able to deal with DDNS device on the dynamic IP side. Am I right?

The thing that I don’t undarstand is how can I restrict some port only for specific client (in this case: HomeAssistant-side IP)?

Not sure about the DDNS side as we only have fixed ip addresses.

Regarding the limiting access to a certain IP address I guess will be router specific. We only use ASUS routers and they all allow opening a port on the firewall but limiting access only to a specific IP address.

So our remote cctv is only accessible from our home ip and as they are all fixed IP’s it’s super easy and pretty secure.

Not sure I would want expose an nvr without, unless using vpn or similar.

Alright, thank you for the answer. I’ll have to check how does it look in the remote-location-router. Unfortunetly, there are small chances that I’ll find such an option, because it’s a stock device from from the provider.

And let’s try to look at it from a different perspective. I have an access to those cameras via HikConnect service. Is it possible to connect HikConnect with HomeAssistant and have camera preview? (as far as I checked it’s possible for intercoms only)