Hikvision component reports XML parse errors

I’m running HA 0.96.5 and just added the hikvision binary sensor component. I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2045FWD-I with firmware V5.6.0 build 190507. The cam ist connected via powerline cable to my network. In general everything works as expected but occasionally HA reports XML parse errors:

XML parse error in stream.
17:08 /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyhik/hikvision.py (WARNING) - message first occured at 16:53 and shows up 8 times

Anybody knows if this error is critical and if it might lead to motion triggers being ignored or skipped?


FYI: The issue has gone away with HA 0.98.5.

I was too fast reporting that the issue is gone. In fact it’s not. The issue is that one event gets interrupted by another event in the cam’s event stream. I’ve reported this here: https://github.com/mezz64/pyHik/issues/40