Hikvision doorbell and camera

like this? so i select the packet, and select “copy as hex stream” ? see first screenshot, then send that stream with packetsende…

i also see another message, see screenshot 2 , maybe i need to send that too ?
Also not sure if ts going to work, because before i can unlock the door, i first need to make an SIP call, afterwards i can unlock the door, thats what you see in screenshot 1, there are other SIP packets before… so maybe i need several commands to send? intitate sip first, and then send message ?

Yes, but it’s too difficult to understand what’s going on via screenshots.

There are other people using Asterisk, using SIP for real: SIP Doorbell, android tablet and HA integration

In my opinion, to just open the door is far more simpler solution to use a sonoff relè to the door opening switch.

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I already have freepbx. Several extensions have been created under freepbx, and they work normally. How to set the call button in kv8113-m.

Look… some user write integration for intercom dahua by mqtt. Maybe also for Hikvision is possible to write it…

are those ISAPI events?

Guys, created a new thread here with all ISAPI info, its possible to poll ISAPI events for Hikvision products, to capture doorpress event, open a relay (door)…

all info hereis here:

Hey - you use only 4 wires from the Network cable, and it works without Problems? With the Hikvision POE Switch?

Can you tell which they are or how can i make the Same Installation - that would be perfekt :slight_smile:
So i not needed the 2 Wire Version WME2

By, David

Yeah, most doorbells are on 802.3.af, only 4 wires are needed, check Pinout : Power over Ethernet - Wikipedia

I was same boat, i only had 1 utp to the door, so now I have 2 pairs over for my relay…

Pin 1,2,3,6 is only needed orange and green

Max speed is offcourse 100 mbit, no gigabit, but for a doorbell more then enough…

Also my indoor panels are 4 wires POE… i have my own Poe switch

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I maybe buying DS-KV6113-WPE1, and just connect it to a normal tablet, that will be displaying HA. This would work fine right?
As soon as someone rings the doorbell, since it has the app, it should work as intercom.

You mean, the hikconnect app? That’s a cloud app, I always have a delay on it

Yes, that’s what I mean. But that would be the only aternative I guess,
Not sure if it make sense to have a tablet for HA, and another monitor just for the Hikvision doorbell.
If possible combining both would be perfect. So basically always running HA, and when someone push bell the Hikvision would jump to first screen.

That’s possible, but wait 2 months , new indoor panels are coming with android 10

Just for my understanding. Would you consider that superior than a tablet?
In terms of raw power, memory, android support I would consider the table to be better, right?

And those Android monitors allow me to instal other apps like HA?

Thanks :wink:

Yeah, normally they do, better then 93xx series

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Well then I guess it make sense to wait. Especially because of PoE…

Just to be on the safe side.
The android monitor, also works with the station below right?

I ask because the android monitor on Hikvision website, appears only the pro lineup products.

dont buy it yet the 93xx/95xx series
they are slow, low specs, run on android 5 , impossible to run .apk files

there will be a new version/revision this year

How do you know there will be a new version?

my reseller told me, and someone from hikvision benelux , normally around november/december
better specs, and it will run on android 10 or 11

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Ok, But then the android monitor also works with other stations outside the pro lineup, right?