Hikvision Intercom PoE

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I was hoping to get lucky and benefit from the experience of others here. I’m designing the power/data cabling for my renovation, and I am considering a Hikvision Gen2 Intercom “vila” device (eg https://www.securitywholesalers.com.au/product/hikvision-ds-kv8113-wme1-gen2-intercom-1-button-villa-door-station-lan-wifi/) which supports PoE.

My original plan was to run a single ethernet to the location next to the door and wire it in since the PoE simplifies things and better compliments the rest of the planned automation.

The wiring diagrams are not all that clear, I was wondering if anyone here had direct experience with this (or similar) device and would know if a solenoid lock can be wired in naively and power directly from the device’s existing PoE source? I checked, there should be sufficient power budget to run both in parallel from a single PoE source…

If any one has confirmed it works out of the box already, then great. If it doesn’t, then I need to decide whether I can get away with a pass-through splitter (eg. https://www.tycononline.com/GigE-Splitter8023at-PoE-to-24V-30W-Out_p_376.html) so I only have to run a single cable. If so, is there any chance anyone here has tried it and could confirm for me?

If not, I’ll either run a second ethernet cable to the same location, and just use a stock standard splitter to pull out the power just so it can be wired into the lock, OR go with their 2-wire product, but that will mean installing totally separate cabling specifically for this purpose.

If i have to do the later, then it would be great to know while it’s just a line on a drawing, rather than discover this when I get it all hooked up.

Obviously I can ping the manufacturer, but I see a tonne of people playing around with these devices right here so I figured i’d give it a shot. Ultimately I’m planning to hook this all up to home assistant when the time comes