Hikvision intercom

Hi, ca you put some info here ?
Thank you

Here is is:

> curl -i --digest -u admin:xxx -X PUT -d '<RemoteControlDoor><cmd>open</cmd></RemoteControlDoor>' http://192.168.0.xx/ISAPI/AccessControl/RemoteControl/door/1

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Have you tried to wireshark what the registration from the app/cloud does and what it sends for doorbell press? Maybe we can spoof it?

yes, i did, was all based on TCP, allthough i didnt see any open door command
wireshark between indoor outdoor opening was based on SIP/XML

but doesnt mather, i can now control the door with a local command , works perfect

next step is to capture an doorpress event or a swipe/key enter event
or maybe the event when door actually opens , then we can build automations on that

but i dont think we can manage it with ISAPI


ok, next one

can anyone try this ISAPI url?
http://username:[email protected]_address/ISAPI/VideoIntercom/callStatus?format=json

it should give a call status like idle, ringing , …

but mine stays on idle always, regardless if i pressing the doorbutton

"status": "idle"

it this works, its verry easy to capture a doorpess event by making a rest sensor in HA

Thank you, working for my.

curl -i --digest -u admin:xxx -X PUT -d ‘open’ http://192.168.0.xx/ISAPI/AccessControl/RemoteControl/door/1

I try ISAPI url:
http://username:[email protected]_address/ISAPI/VideoIntercom/callStatus?format=json

but i have the same idle problem.

Good to hear , what doorbell do you have?

No idea why it stays on idle, should work :frowning:

My doorbell model is DS-KV8113-WME1

Ok, that one was indeed confirmed working :slight_smile:

Anyone figured out how to change the ringtone with hikconnect?all Androifs are continuing ringing here on a doorpress event, for me it’s enough to have a knock knock sound

I changed thread here , with first reply, maybe we can discuss on that thread, then its all combined

first post is all about working commands, any feedback is appreciated, so i can update it

I was able on my DS-KH8350-WTE1 indoor station, I just set the Back To The Future theme ringtone :smile:

yes, on the indoor , thats possibe

buw how on HikConnect? its quite annoying when someone presses the doorbell, its constanly ringing
i want just notification, like a knock knock sound , more then enough :slight_smile:

There is a settings in HikConnect app to select the ringtone to use across the application, have you tried it?

thats only for alarms; not for actually doorbell press

Can’t find what you’re looking for. I see there’s a setting to disable all calls at all, but I gess it’s not what you need. I think if you have multiple devices ringing, once you have answered on one, all others should stop ringing. Are you using the latest version of the app?

yeah, they stop ringing if someone answers the call … thats not the issue
but lets say , if we pick up after 30 secs, all andoids are constantly ringing that annoying ringtone

i just want a small notification ringtone; a short sound :slight_smile: , some sound i can choose myself

I got the point now. No, I dont think you can have it.

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I didn’t understand how to use it in HA
Can you please write the exact code for a button that can open the door using Hik-Connect?