Hildebrand Glow - Power outage detection

Hi all, I suspect the answer to this question is that what I asking for is not possible, but just in case…

I just came home to discover all my lights and my TV was on. Checking the HA uptime it looks as if there was a power outage a few hours ago.

I’d like to detect this so I can ensure everything is reset to a known state when the power returns. As such I wondered if there was anything in the MQTT data from the Glow CAD I could use to determine such a power outage?

Obviously the HA server itself (a Yellow) was powered down, so unless I move it to a UPS (which is an option) polling to see that electricity usage is zero is not an option.

Looking at the MQTT data on the broker I cannot see anything obvious, but thought I would ask here in case anyone had any ideas.

If I were to put the HA yellow on a UPS would this give any additional data during a power outage? i.e. would the supplier id vanish?

I know much of this may be speculative since it is hard to simulate a power cut and there may be many reasons for the outage, but again I just wondered if anyone had any ideas?

Here’s how I handled this. It might apply to you or at least give you some ideas. I have a smart outlet that is always on and who’s power up default was to be off. I added an automation that triggers on HA start up and has a condition of the outlet being off. If the condition passes, then it takes the actions I want after a power outage.

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Cheers @atlflyer,

On first look I must admit that felt a bit ‘cobbled together’ and and a waste of a socket (which in my house, being an older build, are lacking).

But the more I think about it there is an elegant simplicity to your solution. If I were to buy a sensor called a “Powercut Detector” that was mains powered and did exactly what you suggested I would not think twice.

The only thing I may do is swap the logic and have the socket always off and set to power on after a powercut, unless I can find something I actually want to have on all the time to plug into it.

Thanks for your suggestion. :smiley: