Hildebrand Glow Smart Meter - Gas consumption not working

Hey All

So… Very odd question to even ask on these forums but I generally find everyone here is very helpful. I know this is a long shot but I thought I would ask as I am struggling to find an answer elsewhere.

I have been using the Glow smart meter onto my MQTT broker for Gas and Elec reading now for quite some time and it has been great.

I noticed yesterday that my Gas readings are not loading. After inspection I found that my smart meter is only showing me the standing charge for the day and no gas readings Per kWh which I know should be there (I have the gas heating on! :slight_smile: ) So to test this I plugged back in my original meter and it is the same. So that means it is not the meter. I also see the meter is picking up the standing charge and the rate (unless that gets the data some other way?)

As I say, I know this is a long shot (I wasn’t sure even which thread to post this in)… but would anyone know where to check or has seen this before? I have left it now for a few days to see if it comes back and it isn’t. It is pretty annoying as right now I don’t actually have any clue on what this is all costing me let alone be able to record it in HA.

Thanks all!

It sounds like your Glow device is having issues. Can you reset it and see if comes back to the original readings?


I did think that also but plugging in the original smart meter also gives the same result so I am thinking it is the unit outside or somewhere upstream? I will reset the device anyway just in case to see if that clears the problem.

Thaks for taking the time to reply.

Email the Glow support ([email protected]), they are very quick to reply and helpful and will try and sort it out. I’ve had a couple of times I’ve needed them to restart whatever it is they can do that I can’t to solve some issues


I have just emailed them, let’s see what they say.

Yep Hildebrand support is fantastic.

If the original smart meter is also not showing Gas readings then it may be the suppliers issue. If that is the case you may be getting free gas!