Hildebrandglow - Smart Meters - SMETS2

@ColinRobbins just reading though the recent PRs and getting excited about being able to get the integration working again. Do you know when we can expect a new release?

I’m stuck on a long call I don’t want to be on so I grabbed the binaries and dropped them into custom_components directly. The current version is great; loving the new cost sensors!

Great work!

Thanks for the feedback. The PRs have been accepted by @HandyHat, so I assume they are being testing locally prior to making a release.

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Thanks @ColinRobbins! I’ll feed anything back here that I discover on this version. Just waiting for the usual two hours to elapse before I see data on the Energy Dashboard.

Thanks for getting the update out! I’ve installed via HACS and the installation went perfectly.

The only thing not working is the calculation on gas price. I can see the usage in kWh, but the cost remains at 0. This has been the case since installing yesterday.

I have the gas consumption configured to use sensor.gas_tariff_rate, which does have a value. The electricity cost calculation is working without issue.

Hey all, apologies for the delay. @ColinRobbins’ PRs have been merged, and v0.5.0 has been released with Cost sensors and a fix for the Invalid Authentication issues. Home Assistant 2021.10.0 also now supports kWh for gas in energy management, so using m3 is no longer required.

@WhimsySpoon The issue you’ve encountered sounds like #10207, for which @ColinRobbins has a PR.

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Great work, both. Missed this issue when I was checking before I made my previous post. Will keep an eye on the PR.

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@ColinRobbins @HandyHat - thanks - just updated and working well with tariffs.

Maybe it has to be this way - but the units for the standing charge are expressed as GBP/kWh - when presumably GBP is correct?

Really minor thing, that doesn’t take away from a very nice update!

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, we can fix the units!


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Is it now better for the energy dashboard to now use the year fields rather than the today fields?

Yes, you should use the yearly sensor.

Because the DCC meter data is delayed 30 minutes, HA cannot reliably record energy used between 23:30 and 23:59 in the daily sensor. Thus the calculations on the Energy dashboard for week/month/year will be inaccurate. For an in-depth discussion of this point see Data @ 11pm-12am is lost every night · Issue #45 · HandyHat/ha-hildebrandglow-dcc · GitHub

The yearly sensors avoids this issue.

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The Energy dashboard gas consumption cost calculation seems to be broken for me even if I type in a static price in the Energy Configuration page, so I’m not sure it’s anything to do with this integration.

It’s not an issue with this integration, it’s a Core issue.

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It’s a core issue, fixed by Add kWh as cost option for GAS by ColinRobbins · Pull Request #58426 · home-assistant/core · GitHub, which I am trying to get through the HA Core quality assurance controls.


Congrats on the merge!

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Yep, I misread your post as you thinking it was related to Hildebrand

Yes, great work - look forward to being able to view my ever increasing gas bill in HA!!

It’s odd how excited I am to get something to tell me how much money I will no longer have.

A bit off topic, but does DCC / Glow API provide balance info? Were on pre paid meters and British Gas’ website is always miles out??

I have the same problem. Hopefully we’re gonna get the fix on the next version of HA