Hills ComNav NX595e - WIP


Just wanted to know if anyone was interested in helping me complete the integration of the comanv NX595e into HA.

I’m able to get the status of the alarm and zones, I can also arm and disarm all via a web api written in dotnet core.

I’m needing someone with python skills to help with the custom_component part.

Here is the output from the webapi.

{“armType”:“off”,“isSystemReady”:true,“isFireAlarm”:false,“isIntrusionAlarm”:false,“isExitTimeDelay”:false,“isEntryTimeDelay”:false,“isZoneBypassEnabled”:false,“isChimeEnabled”:false,“systemStatus”:“No System Faults”,“zones”:[{“index”:0,“name”:“Entry”,“status”:“Ready”,“isBypassed”:false},{“index”:1,“name”:“Living”,“status”:“Ready”,“isBypassed”:false},{“index”:2,“name”:“Kitchen”,“status”:“Ready”,“isBypassed”:false},{“index”:3,“name”:“Master”,“status”:“Ready”,“isBypassed”:false},{“index”:4,“name”:“Family”,“status”:“Ready”,“isBypassed”:false},{“index”:5,“name”:“Hallway”,“status”:“Ready”,“isBypassed”:false}]}


Hi Divyesh, Chris Caron is working on this integration over here - Interlogix Ultrasync

Perhaps you could pool your resources there to save doubling up? I am happy to test if necessary as I have a HIlls system with a Comnav board installed.

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I’m happy to help out if still looking. Not a python expert but I’ve dabbled in it. Also have the comnav at home here.