Hisense AEH-W4A1 IP Air Conditioning (Climate) integration

Hi to all, sorry for my english but im’ Italian Boy…
I own an Hisense Air Conditioner which uses a wifi module called “AEH-W4A1” this module is connected by android application:
Hi-Smart AC (Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.accontrol.europe.hisense&hl=it )
Unfortunately, the company didn’t made any Alexa or Google Home integration and I would like to integrate it into Home Assistant. :blush:
Here is the most detailed information about this IoT device I found: https://github.com/simoneluconi/hisense-aeh-w4a1 .
Anyone have any idea how to integrate whit Home Assistant?

Thanks in advance

There are two different modules, implementing different APIs, and it seems you’ve mixed the two:

  • AEH-W4A1, that works with apps like Hi-Smart Life.
  • AEH-W4B1, that works with apps like Hi-Smart AC.

I’ve implemented an integration for the latter here.

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Thanks for your reply, I didn’t understand how I can integrate it in home assistant, can I add it as a component?

Hi everyone,
I am also interested in using a different system to connect to my hisense AC as well… both their app and chinaserver suck.
I tried to look around, but it seems there is very little information on the modules themselves (which I find a bit strange as I saw a ton of them around), but from what I managed to find around there are at least 3 wifi modules in the wild:

  1. W4A1 (I guess the first revision): controlled by hi-smart life (and other apps with different names but from the same developer);
  2. W4B1: controlled by hi-smart AC, but from what I understood it isn’t compatible with my AC unit (mini apple pie);
  3. W4E1: a third module, electrically compatible with W4A1 (I just installed it in my AC unit and it works), controlled ny hismart life (a third app, note the absence of “-”) - this one seems, at a first glance, better performing than W4A1.

So… saying I am confused is an understatement :smiley:

@startibartfast how did you manage to get the protocol out of the W4B1 unit? I tried to sniff packets from the W4A1, but they seemed encrypted (moreover being as dodgy as they are they were flooding my network)?

Hi to all, i have view the exact wifi module it’s: AEH-W4B1, i have read the documentations in repo Slartibartfast but i have not been able to integrate it in home assistant :frowning: … you have tips ? thanks!!!