Hisense AEH-W4A1 IP Air Conditioning (Climate) integration

Hi to all, sorry for my english but im’ Italian Boy…
I own an Hisense Air Conditioner which uses a wifi module called “AEH-W4A1” this module is connected by android application:
Hi-Smart AC (Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.accontrol.europe.hisense&hl=it )
Unfortunately, the company didn’t made any Alexa or Google Home integration and I would like to integrate it into Home Assistant. :blush:
Here is the most detailed information about this IoT device I found: https://github.com/simoneluconi/hisense-aeh-w4a1 .
Anyone have any idea how to integrate whit Home Assistant?

Thanks in advance

There are two different modules, implementing different APIs, and it seems you’ve mixed the two:

  • AEH-W4A1, that works with apps like Hi-Smart Life.
  • AEH-W4B1, that works with apps like Hi-Smart AC.

I’ve implemented an integration for the latter here.


Thanks for your reply, I didn’t understand how I can integrate it in home assistant, can I add it as a component?

Hi everyone,
I am also interested in using a different system to connect to my hisense AC as well… both their app and chinaserver suck.
I tried to look around, but it seems there is very little information on the modules themselves (which I find a bit strange as I saw a ton of them around), but from what I managed to find around there are at least 3 wifi modules in the wild:

  1. W4A1 (I guess the first revision): controlled by hi-smart life (and other apps with different names but from the same developer);
  2. W4B1: controlled by hi-smart AC, but from what I understood it isn’t compatible with my AC unit (mini apple pie);
  3. W4E1: a third module, electrically compatible with W4A1 (I just installed it in my AC unit and it works), controlled ny hismart life (a third app, note the absence of “-”) - this one seems, at a first glance, better performing than W4A1.

So… saying I am confused is an understatement :smiley:

@startibartfast how did you manage to get the protocol out of the W4B1 unit? I tried to sniff packets from the W4A1, but they seemed encrypted (moreover being as dodgy as they are they were flooding my network)?

Hi to all, i have view the exact wifi module it’s: AEH-W4B1, i have read the documentations in repo Slartibartfast but i have not been able to integrate it in home assistant :frowning: … you have tips ? thanks!!!

I managed to obtain packets for AEH-W4A1 sniffing packets using an android app, Packet Capture.
If over lan, the Hi-Smart Life app start communicating directly with the ac using a simple serial protocol. I posted more information on #slartibartfast Gith page here

I create a python library for AEH-W4A1 module. It is a bit rudimentary but it works on my AC.

Now I have to create the HA parts… The example integrations are not very clear to me, I don’t know how long it will take me to do something working.

If anyone is available to do this part of the job I would be grateful!

Thanks for your work! I haven’t yet tested the python library but I will do as soon as I find a little bit of time!

As a side note, did anyone notice today an update to the Hi-smart Life app on android stating “protocol update”? My guess is that it doesn’t change much (I don’t think that the module itself gets updated via internet), however the timing of this update is… interesting :slight_smile:

Integration in development

I’m working on it. If someone would like to test it and/or give me suggestions, code tips or anything else I’ll be grateful

Ok, I’ve almost done it! Here you can find actual link to my project, when it will be completed I’ll submit it for PR