📈 History - Click & Slide Time Window

In History, I would like to set a 2-hour window for the start and end dates. I would like to maintain this window size (zoom level) to easily read the data. Additionally, I would then like the ability to click, drag, and slide this window forward or backward in time while maintaining the 2-hour view. This way, I won’t need to constantly adjust the start and end times to see the data I need.

I believe this feature would add value and improve user-friendliness.

Blacky :smiley:

Check out History explorer card, it can do that and much more. i use only this, i even can’t remember when i last used original history…
But, i agree, it would be very nice to have all these functions already originally in HA, since original history is pretty … well, basic…


I love history explorer card, but the original dev got sick of a certain mod’s behavior and dropped out of developing the card.

However @SpangleLabs has picked it up, I wish him well.

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Yeah that is what I am looking for + some and would be nice to have in HA.