History Component

Hello everyone,

Been fiddling with home assistant for a while now. The history component is a good start. But it needs some enchantments.

The nuisances and suggested feature requests are:

  • Can not display two same type data in different graphs. Battery % and Humidity % are of the same kind (percent) and go to the same graph.

  • IF you look at the graphs at the morning hours. Currently the graph will have data at the beginning and until the endend the graph will be populated with the final known data. So when you choose the date yesterday and choose 1 week period. The graph will have data at the beginning and then it will have 6 days of same data (shown in figure 1). The non existent data should just be left blank. And the period should be populated not from now to future but from now to past. When I choose 1 week, it should show me 1 week of data until now.

figure 1 - X scale problems

  • The period should have more options. 1 months, 1 year, “all data” etc.

  • Currently the Y axis is fixed value dependent on the populated data. For instance in temperature values, some entries have huge swings, while other data is populated in a smaller y difference area. The bigger difference value makes the others unreadable. This behavior is shown in figure 2. The red line is the outside temperature and has a wider swing. This makes the room temperatures unreadable. Currently the solution can be not graphing the outside temperature. But the system does not also let us seperate same kind data to different graphs.

figure 2 - Y scale problems

  • The X-Y scale should be settable via the mouse wheel and panned via mouse. This will create much flexible scalings.

You should have a look at this: https://home-assistant.io/blog/2015/12/07/influxdb-and-grafana/
May be a little outdated regarding the details, but once correctly set up it’s working great. Also, the focus for HASS isn’t creating fancy graphs. That’s what the support ffor different backends is there for. Let HASS do what it’s doing best and let some specialized product handle the graphs. :wink:

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That looks like too much work for basic functionality. The options I asked for are not that fancy.

X and y scaling is a normal option for a graph. Also a graph should show data up to now. The current behaviour of showing future data with a fixed value looks like a bug to me.