History crashes Home Assistant

When I click on the history tab in the sidebar HA crashes and restarts.

However, clicking on an entity to show the state changes works fine. I’m assuming that data comes from the same source as the history tab uses, just for one entity instead of all.

I’m running my HA in VirtualBox on a Mac.

Any ideas where to look for a solution to this?

Throw more RAM at the VM?

I’ve increased it to 2G already and it’s still happening.

Do you think it is just a resource issue? The memory pressure on the Mac is just 49%.

I was just guessing.

Can you monitor the VM resources, instead of the host?

The VM may be using all of it’s assigned resources in one area, RAM, Swap, disk, etc.

There may be a way but I don’t yet know how.
Now at 4Gb Ram and 3 cores.

How much history do you have in your db ? Limiting the amount of days kept can help.

Good point.

DB is currently 998Mb so it’s not excessive.

I deleted the DB forcing HA to recreate the file at just 4k.

Still the same, crashing when clicking History tab.

Loading logbook, for a week, which I assume is the same data, doesn’t cause a crash.

I seem to have fixed it.

I have, somewhat dramatically, reduced the included entities and it now loads with a couple of seconds and no more crashing.

Thank you for the help and suggestions that got me there. I appreciate it.