History data base on .0.73.1 and newer

I downloaded and updated to .0.73.1 on Jul 8th and 10th. Now when I go to my history tab and or my log tab in my ui they are blank. Says no history found. If I click on the calendar and change the date to the 10th of July or 9th or any date earlier it shows the data.

Now I have updated to the .0.73.2 but it still is not recording my history data. What do I have to do to get it started again.

Thanks ]

Tom C

I did notice only half a day showing when I updated but it is working correctly now.

Do you care if you lose your previous data? If not, you could try halting the HA server, renaming or deleting the \hassio\config\home-assistant_v2.db file and restarting. HA will create a new db file. You will lose your previous history.

OK thanks for the info. Everything working great now. Love this group.


Tom C