History data from HA node

I have a esphome node with a Nextion display. I would like to take advantage of this display to show a graph with historical data from HA sensors.

Is there any way to receive (an array?) with past values of any sensor? For the sensors inside the node I am going to store data in a global array with templates, but for external sensors to the node I would like to take advantage of the HA recordings.

Any ideas?


Interesting question!

The only way I can think to do it is to use the home assistant sensor to bring the sensor into esphome and use the same global array.

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Is there a way to show a png or jpg on this device?

If so the most versatile solution would be via

@rak interesting tool. However, I don’t think (or at least I don’t know how) this png could be use by the display. This kind of displays only can change preload images.

In case you can download a png and display it this is the way to go.

On e papers this should work as dar as I understand this:

Quote from

For the last type (e paper), ESPHome has a powerful rendering engine that can do many things like draw some basic shapes, print text with any font you want, or even show images.

It looks like this displays preloaded images. Not sure if you can wget a png and than Display it.


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