History date selection... is there a trick? Configuration? Cross-months

I feel like I must be stupid… a UI can’t be this flawed…

How is one supposed to pick dates in the history pane that pops up, that cross a month boundary?

I found a feature request to allow it, without any comments, so I must not be the only one who can’t make it work, but lack of votes makes me wonder if others know how to make it work?

You can’t seem to just go into the displayed text of the date and change it. You can’t select start and end separately.

Am I missing something, or is this just broken?

Sure, I can craft my own, and have done so including in grafana and influxdb, but some simple sensors it is nice to be able to just display a time period that crosses a month?


Click the start date. Click the chevron to advance to the next month. Click the end date.

Ok. I think I see, and “must be stupid” was accurate. I kept trying to drag the highlighted area.

To be a bit more specific, I was trying to select a period that spanned two screens, not just two months’ that might be on one screen. You can’t drag to shift months, but it apparently does remember the highlighted start date if you change months and click an end date.

Mea culpa. Thank you for the quick response!

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re: “Click the start date. Click the chevron to advance to the next month. Click the end date.” That solution doesn’t seem to actually work (at least not for what I was trying) . As an example try selecting a range from the 15th of last month to whatever ‘today’ is in the current month. After you selecting the start date, as you move to click the chevron to the next month the start date moves uncontrollably to whatever is closest to that chevron.

I eventually found a way to get what I wanted though, and I didn’t know you could do this before. What you need to do is select the end date first, then go backwards (with chevrons as required) and select the start date for the range. HA seems to sort out which date should be start and end in the query regardless of the order you specify them in the GUI.

,… later,… There may be important differences between mouse versus touch screen use here,… I was using mouse on a desktop. I found now I can make Tom’s method work with a mouse, but you need to select start date first, then move the mouse down/right to get out of the calendar dates grid, before moving back up to click the next month chevron. Tricky.

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